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Aqua Pura 500

Pool Cover

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Aqua Pura manufactures its swimming pool covers in house to specifically meet your individual needs. All covers are made-to-order upon request and can typically accommodate all pool shapes and sizes. Aqua Pura only uses material that is specifically designed and tested to be more resistant to chemical and UV attack.


  • Reinforced edge with embossed logo;

  • Bubble to bubble welding for extended life;

  • Frond and rear stabiliser bar;

  • Pulling cord allowing one person operation;

  • Non-telescopic roller;

  • Fixed straos to roller;

  • 5 years warranty on bubble material.

Why buy a swimming pool cover?

Swimming pool covers eliminate water evaporation by over 98%, thus greatly reducing your water consumption and charges, as well as saving a vital natural resource. In the Algarve, where evaporation can reach up to 7mm a day during peak season, it is estimated that the evaporation loss is approximately 40,000 litres per year.

By having a swimming pool cover you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 50%.
During the day your swimming pool cover increases your standard pool temperature by approximately 4-7°C. This works by allowing the sun’s energy to pass through the cover and heat the top layer of the water and secondly, through absorbing the sun’s energy and passing this heat through to the water by direct contact.
A swimming pool cover will also help to retain heat in your pool at night as the cover acts as an insulator stopping cooler outside air from reducing your pool temperature. If you have a secondary heating system, such as a heat pump, a swimming pool cover becomes vital.
The combination of additional heat during the day and the retention of this heat at night will dramatically reduce your energy consumption in your pool. Evaporation through the pool’s water surface area is by far the greatest source of energy loss for swimming pools attributing to up to 70% of the heat lost. Research has shown that you can save up to 5000 kWh of electric per year.

Our pool covers will reduce your chemical consumption by up to 50%. Stopping water evaporation also stops the evaporation of chemicals, thus allowing the chemicals in your pool to complete their full cycle and not be lost to the atmosphere.

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